Learning Management System powered by Moodle

We are not only setting up a learning Management System ( LMS),  powered by Moodle . but also provide trainig the teachers about how to use the Moodle e-learning program to extend the learning facilities for the students.

Having realised the workload of the teachers, we provide customised , fast, intuitive and easy to manage learning management solution for school  .

We do not only setup the learning management system ( with Moodle ) , but also  train the teachers on how to use the Moodle to extend the learning facilities for the students

Benefits of the Moodle e-learning program are :


-It provides collaborative learning

-Provides facilities for students to work at their own pace.

-It works very well in a Google Cloud environment.

Our qualified integrators who will help teachers to make sure the Learning management system is truly beneficial to students and school extended community.

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